Newsletter #62

Out of personal interest, I wanted to know who first said, “A picture is worth a thousand words.” The internet credited several advertisers, merchants or marketers within the last two centuries but everyone seemed to agree that it was the Chinese philosopher, Confucius, who expressed what one might describe as a thought somewhat similar to the modern adage. Besides, I prefer to credit Confucius because he is known as the Philosopher of Spring and Spring is the season when Huron Waves comes along.

My point is that rather than expressing my thoughts in words about this Spring’s activities, I’d like to share three photos that illustrate how Huron Waves achieved its 2024 theme, Music and Canadian History:  first, through the Voyageur Guitar on the move in nine regional schools and at a community event featuring the amazing London guitarist, David Usselman; secondly, the TRAILBLAZERS exhibition ffocusing on 41 Canadian women of exceptional note;  and finally, by way of our annual honour to Canadian’s Indigenous peoples, a beautiful concert that focused on reconciliation interpreted through stories and songs by Inuk artist, Susan Aglukark.

  TRAILBLAZERS exhibition featuring 41 outstanding Canadian women in neck-pieces by Donald Stuart and portraits by Susan Benson.

Jowi Taylor, David Usselman and Voyageur

Stories and songs of reconciliation by Inuk artist, Susan Aglukark

June, 2024 was a good month for Huron Waves and we thank everyone who contributed to its season: all the creators and artists, public and private sector donors, sponsors, volunteers, production supporters, educators, staff, board directors and audiences. Carolyn Young, our General Manager, and Melissa Schenk of MS2 Productions who skillfully guided our social media outreach, deserve particular praise for their skills and commitments to this season.

Ideas and prospects are already being tabled for 2025, but first I think we all need a little time to reflect and relax, so your next newsletter will appear in September. Till then, you, our readers, have my own appreciation for accepting, considering and very often acting upon what you’ve read in the twelve newsletters I’ve sent your way over the past twelve months. Thanks for enabling more music through Huron Waves to come to southwestern Ontario!

Till we’re together again…remember that Music Connects Us.

John A. Miller, Artistic Director