June 9, 10, 11, 12
$20 per person

Can you imagine listening near Lake Huron at dawn, or with the many species in a woodland trail? Our four Sunrise Sound Walks, led by Canadian environmental artist and composer Anne Bourne, will explore the Lake’s wave patterns, the complex resonance of its deep waters, tectonic currents, the shifting shoreline sands, and the many pulses found in a forest floor. If this sounds exceptional, it is. Each intimate group of walkers shares a unique experience by listening to voices in nature, adding their own voices to a tone chorus in an environmental dialogue, all under the guidance of a world-famous musician and environmentalist.

June 9,
Port Albert (beach)
June 10,
Port Blake (beach)
June 11,
Blyth (G2G T
June 12
Bayfield (beach)

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Outdoors, masks not required. We will respect each person’s choices.