Teachers: Bring Voyageur to Your School

For a limited time in early June, Voyageur is on the move for visits to your school. If you are interested,  please contact Carolyn Young, at carolyn@huronwavesmusicfestival.ca.

Voyageur is a unique, genuine six-string guitar, whose very construction reflects the story of Canada presented by its originator, Jowi Taylor.  Huron Waves is offering Voyageur and Jowi Taylor to schools and public spaces in Huron County and southwest Ontario for 65-minute assemblies and meetings to hear Voyageur’s (and Canada’s) story that concludes with a performance pocket when one or two or three individuals in the room can play the instrument. There are also opportunities for participants to have their pictures taken with Voyageur.

Voyageur’s formal name is The Six String Nation: The Story of Canada, an absolutely appropriate title since this instrument is a musical quilt of our country, literally built of 64 pieces of wood, stone, cloth, metals and natural materials sourced from notable Canadian sites or events or donated by famous citizens.  For instance, a strip from the sacred Golden Spruce of Haida Gwaii forms the top face; parts of Paul Henderson’s hockey stick from the 1972 Canada/Russia Summit Series, a Wayne Gretsky stick, an old Montreal Forum seat (#10, row G, section 321) and gold from Maurice Richard’s 1955-56 Stanley Cup ring are all in the instrument as are fragments of caribou antler, moose shin, mammoth and walrus tusks, whale baleen, St. Boniface oak, Mastodon ivory, muskox horn and nickel ingots. So is wood from Lucy Maud Montgomery’s Cavendish house, a schoolroom where Louis Riel studied, the Parliament Buildings Centre Block oak door, a Pier 21 rafter, the Maid of the Mist II and the Bluenose.  Even the carrying case reflects Canada with cloth from a dance costume for Karen Kain, Don Cherry’s pants and a piece of the original Stratford Festival tent.