Music Connects Us.
Notes from our Artistic Director
~ June 1, 2021 ~

It’s June, the sixth month in a year that continues to be like no other. This June, I think, is thus a particularly good time to take stock of what the past has brought Huron Waves, to assess how the festival deals with the present, and then to project just how and where we can make progress for what’s ahead in the balance of 2021, and beyond.  Who better to review these matters than Paul Ciufo, the President of the Huron Waves Board of Directors!  And so I’m delighted to offer this month’s newsletter to Paul, especially because he has important news to share.  Mr. President…

Our Headline:
Huron Waves Begins New Monthly Giving Program

Dear Huron Waves Music Festival Supporters,

I hope you are in good health and coping well during these trying times. I’m writing because quite frankly Huron Waves needs your help to survive and thrive during these extremely challenging times for live music. And I’m excited to invite you to help in a new way: we have just launched a monthly giving program.

The Festival faces two main challenges: continuing to pivot to present inspiring music in a safe fashion right now, and bridging through financially until live performances are once again possible. You can help immensely with these goals through the new monthly giving program.

Despite having to miss two full seasons (May 2020 and May 2021) due to the pandemic, we’ve had major successes since 2019:  the pleasure and pride to know that Celebrate the Season with Huron Waves, our curated video released in December, has reached more than 20,000 people and continues to attract viewers online; building a strong Board with representatives from throughout Ontario’s West Coast and seeing these volunteers make personal commitments to keep Huron Waves viable;  strong ticket sales for the programming we’d planned in May, 2020, a sure sign to us that we were on the right track in our goals;  similarly strong evidence of support from private donors, organisations and the Ontario and Huron County governments.

Currently we are planning a curated summer video bringing music to the harbour at Goderich, along the Maitland River at Benmiller, in Wingham’s Alice Munro Literary Garden, with First Nations artists from Kettle Point, and along the shoreline to catch a Lake Huron sunset. We also have plans and music for a second Celebrate the Season video in time for the holidays at the end of 2021, and then it’s on to May, 2022 for a full season of live performances, which we hope will include The Kingdom Choir, originally slated to headline our inaugural season in 2020.

My colleague Board members and I recently learned of a small theatre company in Atlantic Canada facing challenges quite similar to ours. That company tried a new approach to gain the support of its local communities: monthly giving. This month Huron Waves is starting a comparable initiative. We’ve assembled a monthly donation system that is reasonable, secure and convenient, starting with $25 gifts from one’s credit card while offering the opportunity of other amounts, as donors so wish;  all of this is eligible for a 100% receipt for tax purposes at year’s end.  (Huron Waves is a Canadian charitable organisation, federally registered as #81910 0850 RR001.)

When you click here  our website takes you directly to the page to join the campaign to provide continuing stability, confidence and momentum to your music festival.
The $25+ campaign in Atlantic Canada that inspired us saw stunningly positive results, and now I hope that you will sign on to bring us a similar achievement.  We are committed to investing in our region’s culture;  today I ask you to invest $25 a month in us so that we can immediately produce summer and late autumn videos, and then move on to realising a complete season of music for May, 2022.

I sincerely thank you for your consideration and support,

Paul Ciufo

President, Huron Waves Music Festival

Till we’re together again, stay safe and healthy.  And remember that Music Connects Us.

John A. Miller, Artistic Director                                                                                                                                                    June 1, 2021