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Trivitt Auditorium, 264 Main St S, Exeter, Ontario

World Premiere, chamber music performance

Tickets:  $40

Includes admission to GAIA before and after the concert.

From the creative team, Stephanie Martin and Paul Ciufo, with Vicki Monague, comes the fictional account of a community torn between economic opportunities and the environmental risks of a major new development. Can Her Worship, the Mayor, continue to support a major new development in her community when her own son joins the protest against it? In its music and its message, WATER is a dramatic story for all of us concerned about the condition of GAIA’s natural resources and the respectful responsibilities we have for others’ health and prosperity.

Members of The Grand Philharmonic Choir, musicians from the Kitchener-Waterloo Symphony and outstanding Canadian soloists, all conducted by Mark Vuorinen, present the world premiere of WATER in its chamber music format.  To introduce the presentation, members of the oratorio’s creative team will speak about their inspirations and their roles in the development of this new Canadian masterwork.

WATER: An Environmental Oratorio is generously supported by Jane Fryman Laird.


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