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Trivitt Auditorium, 264 Main Street S, Exeter, Ontario, Canada

Admittance with a $10 ticket to GAIA + pay-what-you-can contribution for Endless Dusk

Many are familiar with the endless sun of the Arctic circle. But it is in the months when the days rapidly get shorter that an uncanny feeling of ‘endless dusk” settles in, as the sun travels low and slow across the huge horizon. It was during this time of year that singer and composer Robin Dann traveled to the archipelago of Svalbard (north of Norway) and witnessed these vast, glowing landscapes.

This distinctive music/sound installation is inspired by that quiet, ambient, living world. Silence is in constant conversation with birds, bears, walruses and whales as well as the violent sounds of glaciers calving, and the perpetual movement of water, air, and ice. Occasional human interference adds to the otherwise untroubled soundscape. Endless Dusk, written and imagined by young Canadian composers/musicians Robin Dann and Matthew Pencer, invites audience members to join in this immersive experience, at any point in the evening, by walking, standing, sitting or lying on their own mats around GAIA for as long as they wish, all towards imagining their own Arctic soundscapes.

Joining Robin Dann and Matthew Pencer to perform Robin’s original rounds throughout each evening’s performance will be vocalists Dorothea Paas, Alex Samaras and Felicity Williams.

These performances are generously supported by Nargis Tarmohamed and Shaukat Mangalji.


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