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Full-length choral concert

June 14 at at 7:30 PM   

Trivitt Auditorium, 264 Main St S, Exeter, Ontario

Tickets:  $40

Includes admission to GAIA before the concert.

Matthew Shepard was 21, a college student, and gay when he was brutally beaten by two homophobes who left him to die by the roadside outside Laramie, Wyoming in 1998. Matthew’s story shocked his nation’s and, in fact, the world’s conscience;  it has come to be known as the hate-crime that began to change his country, and likely our own.  Movies, plays, articles and songs have told the story but Considering Matthew Shepard frames the narrative as an evocative, compassionate, ultimately uplifting musical response to Matthew’s tragedy.  For this work of artistic accomplishment, Craig Hella Johnson, the composer of Considering Matthew Shepard, was honoured with a 2017 American Grammy nomination.

Be warned that strong language and sensitive scenes bring accuracy to the narrative which The Elora Singers and musicians and conductor Mark Vuorinen caringly present.  But know that this powerful oratorio concludes by offering the hope of acceptance and inclusion in a changing world.

Considering Matthew Shepard is generously supported by the Board of Directors, Huron Waves Music Festival.


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