Artistic Director

Since 2018, at the invitation of its Board, John Miller has undertaken the artistic leadership of the Huron Waves Music Festival to bring diverse programs with professional musicians to Ontario’s Southwest region.

For four decades John has devoted his considerable energies and expertise to the arts through his specialization in Canadian arts and artists, particularly his knowledge of music by and about Canadians.

In particular, in 2001 he founded and for the next 18 years was Artistic Producer of Stratford Summer Music where he consistently included a high profile for Canadians – composers and musicians – in the music festival’s programming. Annually during his leadership, Canadians from every region of our country performed alongside notable international musicians and ensembles; countries whose performers appeared at Stratford Summer Music during his tenure included Barbados, Denmark, France, Germany, Great Britain, India, Italy, Japan, Mexico, Paraguay, Philippines, South Africa, Syria, Switzerland, USA and Zimbabwe. In 2018, after the eighteenth season with its six weeks, 120+ presentations and attendance of thousands at free and paid events, John retired with the title Founder & Artistic Director Emeritus.