Huron Waves Music Festival has concluded its 2023 season, and the five-week festival was a triumph. Over 4,000 people viewed the centrepiece of the Festival, an enchanting, 6-metre wide, slowly rotating, luminous sculpture of our Earth called GAIA. Over half of the attendees were students, many visiting the GAIA exhibit with school groups. GAIA drew plenty of attention to the Festival and fueled attendance at the Festival’s eclectic musical presentations. The concerts featured jazz fused with Indigenous music, Tomson Highway and colleagues’ musical theatre “Cree Cabaret”, opera singers and orchestral musicians making the most of Trivitt Church’s superb acoustics in a pair of oratorios, and a unique sound installation that blended lovely singing with field recordings of ice crackling in the Arctic.

It Takes a County...

It is remarkable how many people and organizations deserve credit for the success of the Festival.

Countless sponsors and donors gave generously, most notably Mac Voisin and Marcela Bahar, owners of The White Squirrel Golf Club & Restaurant in St. Joseph. Without the generosity of Mac and Marcela, community builders extraordinaire, it would not have been possible to bring GAIA to Exeter.


Huron Waves Festival is seeking Board Directors interested in filling future board member vacancies starting January 2024.

The ideal candidates are well-connected community or business leaders, with prior non-profit and/or charitable board experience, who are passionate about arts and culture and can leverage their professional skills and resources to positively impact the work of Huron Waves Festival.

Interested candidates are requested to submit a letter of interest and resume by November 30 to Carolyn Young, General Manager

Making Music Together

Huron Waves knows what it takes to build a music festival – it takes friends, lots of friends.

Thank you for being our Friends!

Here are the individual private citizens, businesses, governments, arts agencies, community organizations, foundations and anonymous donors who are the Friends helping us to add our music to the culture and lifestyle of Ontario’s West Coast.