Huron Waves 2024

Trailblazers: Celebrating Outstanding Canadian Women

Huron Waves presents Trailblazers: Celebrating Outstanding Canadian Women at Trivitt Auditorium in Exeter, Ontario from June 2 to 21.

Join us in learning about the lives and accomplishments of forty women who are recognized through forty neck-pieces, researched and designed by Canada’s leading goldsmith and designer, Donald Stuart, along with portraits by artist Susan Benson and bilingual biographies.

Trailblazers presents the diverse accomplishments by women in business, science, Indigenous culture, visual and performing arts, literature, politics, sport, medicine, philanthropy, and invention spanning the 18th  to 21st centuries with individuals from every region across Canada.

Join our mailing list for updates and events about the women honored in Trailblazers to show how music and musical figures play an integral role in our country’s diversity and development.

Huron Waves Is on the Move

In June Huron Waves is offering Voyageur and Jowi Taylor to schools and public spaces in Huron County and southwest Ontario for presentations to hear Voyageur’s (and Canada’s) story. MORE

Voyageur’s Formal Name Is The Six String Nation: The Story of Canada

Voyageur  is a musical quilt of our country, literally built of 64 pieces of wood, stone, cloth, metals and natural materials sourced from notable Canadian sites or events or donated by famous citizens.  For instance, a strip from the sacred Golden Spruce of Haida Gwaii forms the top face; parts of Paul Henderson’s hockey stick from the 1972 Canada/Russia Summit Series, a Wayne Gretzky stick, an old Montreal Forum seat (#10, row G, section 321) and gold from Maurice Richard’s 1955-56 Stanley Cup ring are all in the instrument as are fragments of caribou antler, moose shin, mammoth and walrus tusks, whale baleen, St. Boniface oak, Mastodon ivory, muskox horn and nickel ingots.


It Takes a County...

It is remarkable how many people and organizations deserve credit for the success of the Festival.

Countless sponsors and donors gave generously, most notably Mac Voisin and Marcela Bahar, owners of The White Squirrel Golf Club & Restaurant in St. Joseph. Without the generosity of Mac and Marcela, community builders extraordinaire, it would not have been possible to bring GAIA to Exeter.


Making Music Together

Huron Waves knows what it takes to build a music festival – it takes friends, lots of friends.

Thank you for being our Friends!

Here are the individual private citizens, businesses, governments, arts agencies, community organizations, foundations and anonymous donors who are the Friends helping us to add our music to the culture and lifestyle of Ontario’s West Coast.